Say it with words...

   ...words that sell

Peter Mann - Buzz Associates Limited

Words that stimulate and are compelling to read sell products and services.

Good words, like good design, make a difference to websites, print work, press releases, e-mails, advertising, white papers, sales letters and internal documents.

They add interest and confidence to a brand – and when added to great design touches, they make things readable.

How many words?

At Buzz Associates, we use words which are clear, concise, well-targeted, short, punchy, powerful, persuasive, effective, comical, interesting, honest, unambiguous, go straight to the point, hit home and sell.

We express ideas in a way to make your audience read every word, with a tone of voice that's just right.

You mentioned design

Yes, because when a page looks attractive and, above all, easy to read, then we do.

And when prospects read, they are much more likely to respond positively.

Now's the time for action

To put words and creative ideas on your page that sell – words concentrating on benefits and written by a first-rate copywriter and marketer...

... words and designs to bring your ideas to life, backed by the principles of common sense marketing...

... words that communicate your message successfully...

... just ring Peter Mann (him on the left – LinkedIn tells more) on 01767 65 11 15... today.


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