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             Graphic designs – with words
                  and copywriting that sell

Peter Mann - Buzz Associates Limited

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Buzz Associates Limited
45 East Hatley
Cambridgeshire, SG19 3JA

+44 (0) 1767 65 11 15
+44 07840 53 88 14
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Buzz Associates design, write and produce marketing materials – whatever you need, from print work and PR to advertising and websites.

Think on this: when a page looks attractive and easy to read, then we do – read it.

And when prospects read, they are much more likely to respond positively.

Which makes graphic design and good copy key elements of any marketing initiative.

And the proven skills a graphic designer and copywriter an asset to your marketing function.

Reading needs words

Words that stimulate and are compelling to read sell products and services.

But it needs a first-rate copywriter to create them for you.

You see, good words, like good design, make a difference to websites, print work, press releases, e-mails, white papers, sales letters, direct mail shots, internal documents, advertising and the graphics on your exhibition stand.

They add interest and confidence to a brand – combined with uncluttered design thinking, they make things desirable.

Good designers and copywriters add value

A good designer makes your prospects look – a good copywriter adds more value

A good copywriter uses words which are clear, concise, well-targeted, short, punchy, powerful, persuasive, effective, comical, interesting, honest, unambiguous, go straight to the point, hit home and sell.

And express ideas in a way to make your audience read every word, with a tone of voice that's just right.

Now's the time for action

Action: to put creative ideas and words that sell into your marketing – designs to develop your brand, words promoting its benefits.

Ideas to differentiate you from your competitors and add value to your proposition – backed by the principles of common sense marketing.

Buzz Associates will help you to communicate your message successfully... Buzz Associates – a small company high on direct, personal service.

We'll make it easy for you.

Now ring Peter Mann on 01767 65 11 15... today.

PS Say it with flowers – is a great headline from the past written by a great copywriter.

We prefer say it with words – and looks.