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Buzz Associates is here to help you with your marketing.

If time's your problem or marketing's a resource where you can't justify a full or part time employee, we can help you.

We supply skill, marketing expertise and ideas.

We create, design, write and produce websites, e-mails, newsletters, flyers, mail shots, adverts, brochures, press releases, sales letters, white papers, presentations, data sheets, logos, stationery, packaging and exhibition graphics – quickly and cost effectively.

Most of our clients are within 50 miles or so of our south Cambridgeshire base, which makes us pretty green.  We also work with clients in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Marketing stuff, including conferences

If you've been tasked with organising a company meeting, conference or seminar, you can rely on Buzz to provide corporate graphics, Powerpoint slides, binders, badges and all the other detail that goes into making a successful event.

And if it’s just copywriting you want, we do that too – if you want your grammar checked or your document proof read, please have a look at our Better English page.

Is Buzz right for you?

Buzz is really good at business to business marketing, having years (and years) of experience.

Before Buzz became Buzz, we were marketing Loctite, Coles Cranes, Myson, Norwich & Peterborough Building Society, Pergamon Press and subsidiaries of Johnson & Johnson and Corning (Pyrex) glass – well known names in chemicals, heavy lifting, heating and ventilating, finance, publishing, medical devices and industrial glass.

Much experience

In the last 20 years we've promoted two very different brands of industrial adhesives, a successful contract electronics manufacturer, an engineering organisation manufacturing slitting and rewinding equipment, a Swiss company making banding equipment and an export management organisation.

We've also helped a local electromechanical engineering company, another manufacturing award winning data centre racking systems (Buzz played a big part in helping them to win a Queen's Award for Innovation), a management training business, the Conservative Party locally and numerous local Chartered Institute of Marketing events.

Actually, there's so much experience...

In addition, we've written website and other promotional copy for a retail marketing company, anti-virus software, cleaning services, print management, non-seismic software, property, communication services, film making and media training, anaerobic digestion and a restorer of front gardens in London.

To that list we can add bicycle hire in Bermuda, a Swiss export services operation and over 60 services on the Best of St Neots website ranging from audio visual to wedding and party venues. Oh – we also look after our village website.

Other copywriting work has included employee performance guides, a clothing and footwear catalogue, turning speeches by John Harvey Jones, John Banham and Edward de Bono into essays for EEDA's Space for Ideas programme and summarising talks given at industry events.

Yes, Buzz can help you

If you're thinking "I can't see my industry", don't give up, for all that accumulated knowledge – and the ability to learn fast – relates to helping you to market and promote your business through the benefits of common sense marketing.

Time for action

Flair, service, value for money and good marketing – we guarantee it.

Call us on 01767 65 11 15 to find out how and why.


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