Better English...

           ...makes your words good


Yes, it's embarrassing when a colleague looks at something you've written and pulls it apart (or sniggers behind your back) because there are spelling or grammatical errors – even if he or she doesn't say anything, it could be bad for your career.

Typed it in a hurry?  Not checked it properly?  All too easily done!

Of course, not everyone is confident their spelling, punctuation, grammar and the words they've used are as good as they could be.

Time, then, to be brave and ask Buzz Associates to help you by proof reading your text for spelling and grammatical errors, then copy editing, amending and enhancing it so it reads really well.

Make it good...

What message does it send out if the copy you've prepared for a brochure, advertisement, newsletter, e-mail, sales missive, report, data sheet, packaging or your website is littered with mistakes or has the wrong sort of spelling?

Will your status or the status of your brand be diminished because errors in your text leave the reader feeling that if it is poor, you, your product or service won't be very good either?

And what will your boss and colleagues think of you?

... and make it easy

Remember, the objective is to make it easy for someone – your boss, a colleague, a customer, prospect or supplier – to read your words and react positively.

Even so, correct English in one country doesn't mean it's correct elsewhere.  Is it 'math' or maths', 'color' or 'colour', 'tire or tyre'?

Time for action

So, to avoid embarrassing yourself or your company, send your file(s) to and let's see how we can help you – in total confidence, of course.


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