The secret of great copy...

  to create desire


To make sales letters, websites, e-mails, brochures or any other piece of communication work, you must first make your message credible, believable, interesting and readable.

The objective is to create the desire to BUY your product, your service or your idea.

Some of it is to do with the physical appearance of the page – if it looks easy to read, people will.

Short paragraphs, simple words and plenty of space to breathe always work well.

To create desire, focus on benefits and promises

Desire comes from focusing on benefits, benefits, benefits – and highlighting why your product or service is special, what differentiates it from your competitors and how you enhance your customers' or prospects' lifestyle or business.

It must contain promises that will excite the reader, provide useful information and make the product or service the hero.

Inform and inspire

Great copy is written in good English and emphasises what your customers get from you they won't get elsewhere.

It's copy whose tone is right for the audience it's aimed at and adds value to your customer proposition.

It informs and inspires confidence – and its message is always tailored to your market and the medium you are using.

Great copy avoids jargon (because not everyone will understand it) and is properly proof read for grammar and spelling accuracy.

Time for action

The final, and most important point, is the call for action – such as...

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